You Can Improve Your Vision With This Unique Method

Most of us have aВ problem with their eyesВ as a consequence of modern lifestyle. These days, most of the time in an average day we are watching tv at home, using computers at work or using our mobile phones and tablets in a free time. Because of thatВ our eyes go bad after some time.В It becomes harder to see close objects to our face or objects further away looks blurry.В In this situations usually we need to wear glasses or contact lens.

You Can Improve Your Vision With This Unique Method

Here are some exercises that can help you to repair your vision.

  1. You need to rest your eyes at leastВ 3 hours a day.
  2. On the chart below you can seeВ 16 simple exercises. To improve your vision and strengthen your eyes, you need toВ do these exercises every day. All you have to do is follow the lines in the picture below with your eyes.
  3. Every day you should spend some time withoutВ glasses.
  4. Massage your eyes very gently several times a day.
  5. Try to avoidВ at computer screens whenВ you can.
  6. Spend time in nature looking at the things we’re really supposed to.
  7. Gently press warm, damp cloths against your eyes for a half hour every day.
  8. You should eat carrots and drink carrot juice every day.

exercises for better vision

This exercises will help youВ to focus on an item and stare at it for a while.В Your mind will absorb the meaning of the symbol. Your eyes may water and want to close a little bit. This means they’re relaxed.


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