This Woman is 116 Years Old, and She Eats Carbs Every Day!

Emma Morano is the oldest living person in the world confirmed byВ the Guinness Book of World Records onВ May 16, 2016. On that day she wasВ 116 years and 130 days old. She is one ofВ the few humans to have seen 3 centuries in her lifetime.

This Woman is 116 Years Old and She Eats Carbs Every Day

She was born in ItalyВ on November 29, 1899. Now she is in a very good health. EmmaВ lives in a small town near theВ Italy-Switzerland border. Her house has only oneВ bedroom.

About her longevity, she points to eating two to three raw eggs per day,В having an early bedtime and being single. Also, sheВ eats pasta and mince meatВ every day.В She is drinkingВ brandy on occasion.

We come to the conclusion that you couldВ live over 100 withoutВ totally carb-free, raw andВ vegan diet.

Also, the long and happy life that Emma has is associated withВ herВ single status since 1938. AfterВ her unhappy marriageВ she didn’t want to be dominated anymore.

Carlo Bava is Emma’s doctor and he said that her genetics and emotional state are one of the main factors in her longevity. The doctor also said how Emma is always so serene, often smiles, and able to find joy even when her life were difficult.


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