Warning: Your Nail Biting Habit Can Actually Kill You!

Nail biting is a very bad habit thatВ puts your health at risk. There is a man whoВ died from his nervous habit after multiple warnings from his doctor.

Warning Your Nail Biting Habit Can Actually Kill You

John Gardener died at his 40 years fromВ a septic severe infectionВ that spread from his fingers and caused a heart attack. He was aВ gardener and was advised from his doctor to stopВ bite his fingers.

“John’s nails were always in poor condition, and they were often bleeding when he came to the doctors,” Vernon told the Mirror.

John’s problem withВ biting his nails was connected withВ his anxiety and depression. He was veryВ prone to infections, because he was diabetic.

First hisВ fingers became infected, so the doctors had removedВ the tip of his finger.

After the surgery, JohnВ had a sudden heart attack. Doctors confirmed that it was caused byВ the infection in his finger.

“The passing of John Gardener was really upsetting and shocking for all of the team,” said Chye Ng, orthopedic surgeon.

“It was such a tragedy, we’re all in shock,” John’s mother said. “It’s really hit our family hard, there could’ve been more done to help him. I wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone else’s son — it’s just devastating.”

If you know someone who is in the same habit you should warn.В It could save hisВ life!

Source:В mirror.co.uk

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