Warning: Hair Dye Could Cause Cancer!

New research found that aВ regular use of permanent hair dye may be aВ risk for creating bladder cancer. According to a study,В 87 out of 100 breast cancer patients have used hair dye long-term.

Hair Color May Cause Cancer

The chemicals in the dye were also found thatВ cause cancer in mice. At this moment is needed further research to investigateВ whether certain subgroups may be at increased risk, such as those with a genetic predisposition. But, it is sure that people who colour their hair are unlikely to have an increased risk of cancer, even if they have been colouring their hair regularly for many years. If you are one of them, we suggest you to prepare a natural color without chemicals.

Coloring your hair on a natural way in most cases doesn’t give you a long lasting result, but you will be sure that it don’t damages your hair.В There are over 5000 different chemicals used in conventional hair dyes and many of them are considered carcinogenic,В according to the National Cancer Institute.

In the video below are explained the results of the research studies about the link between hair dye and cancer:

If you want to try some natural method of coloring your hair, we suggest you to read this article.


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