You Want To Be Healthy – Apply Onion Coatings Onto The Feet

It is true – onion helps with many health issues, including prevention and treatment of flu, overall body detox, as well as blood purification. Onion coatings on your feet will improve your overall well-being!

This fact was well known by our ancestors that had no other means to treat health problems. Motivated by the popular saying that ‘everything comes from the feet, so widely used by our moms and grandmas. This natural remedy will allow health ‘enter’ your body from your feet.

The ingredients are simple and everyone has them at home:

  • 1 onion
  • Transparent foil
  • Socks

Onions are a 100% natural remedy that has no side effects! They will make you feel better in no time. Just slice the onion into thin rings and let it sit for a few minutes. When juice appears, put it on your feet, wrap with the transparent foil and put on the socks (the warmer, the better).

Originally, woolen socks were put directly over the onion slices. However, the transparent foil will hold the onion on your feet, but will also prevent the whole-house smell like onions.

To prepare a better-smelling mixture and to make the effect of the onion milder, mix it with some almond oil (or other essential oil) or body lotion.

This is best if done at night, just before going to bed. This way, the mixture will have enough time to do its magic. How does it work? The onion juice penetrates the skin, releasing valuable nutrients into the bloodstream, cleaning the blood and the whole body from toxins, as well as giving your circulation a boost.

The best type of onion is the homegrown hot onion; the hotter the onion, the healthier. Remove the onion coating’s first thing on the morning. Wash your feet with cold water and put on clean socks to warm them up. The combination of warm and cold will enhance circulation throughout the whole body.

This technique is good for those that suffer from any health problems, but can also be used as prevention by healthy individuals occasionally.

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