If You Have These Two Holes On the Back You Are Really Special! Here is What it Says About You.

Some people haveВ two small circles formed on the lower back, where two bones connect the pelvis. Maybe you have already seen them on your back orВ in other people.

If You Have These Two Holes On the Back You Are Really Special Here is What it Says About You

They can appear in both, man and women. In women they areВ called Venus holes and in man they are called Apollo holes.

These holesВ appear only in people who are genetically predisposed and have appropriately sized ligaments in the back.В We cannot choose whether we have them or not, because it’sВ genetics.

They areВ sign of good circulation and a healthy body. If you already have them, itВ means that you can easilyВ achieve sexual satisfaction, because good circulation is crucial for a healthy sexual life.

They can’t be created with exercising, because they are in the area of noВ muscles. However, they can become visible if you eliminate some extra fat.

Source:В healthylifevision.com

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