Try This Asian Diet and Lose 3 kg For 10 Days

You have probably noticed that all the Asian women are skinny and they don’t have cellulite. The main reason about that is the food they consume. They eat healthy food without sugar and saturated fats.


They practice a very healthy and simple habit, which is integrated in Asian culture. They spread the food in smaller portions or bowls, and they didn’t fill it to the top.

Also they practice a Colin Campbell diet. It contains course rice with a lot of fruits and vegetables. Some of them combine the diet with integral corn and noodles.

Everyone can achieve the slim shape without cellulite if consume ingredients like kale, onions, garlic, spinach, carrots, and salad. These foods will make your body hydrate.

Once a week you can allow to eat eggs, poultry meat, or candies. It’s recommended to eat fruits or dark chocolate, instead of sweets. You can eat red meat only once per month.

Your meals should be small, only to satisfy your appetite.

If you practice the diet you will be able to lose 3 kg in only 10 days!

Here is how your daily meals should look:

  1. Breakfast: A cup of green tea with lemon. Cooked millet in skimmed milk
  2. Snack: Chopped fruit in low-caloric yogurt. You should consume green tea with a grapefruit or orange.
  3. Lunch: We suggest you two options. Integral rice with cooked vegetables. You can also add tomato sauce. The second option is chicken with combination of baked potato spiced up with vinegar and lemon.
  4. Snack: A cup of chamomile tea, green tea, or skimmed milk. You can also eat another grapefruit or orange.
  5. Dinner: Tiny cubes of chicken meat with broccoli or another green vegetable. You can put a little bit of oil on the chicken.
  6. Dinner number 2: If you go to bed late you can get a cup of milk or tea.


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