We All Throw Away These Bags, But They Can Save Us a Lot of Money! Here Are 4 Genius Ways to Use Them!

The silica gel packets are a common thing we are used to disposing of. They usually come with newly purchased clothes or electronics packaging. However, these bags can be more than useful. They are so handy, especially due to their powerful moisture absorption abilities. So, this unassuming object could actually help you save money. However, make sure you keep these bags out of reach of children.

Today, we decided to present you 4 amazing uses of silica gel packets.

1. Save Your Wet Phone

You probably already know that when you wet your phone, you can use rice to dry it out. However, another handy method is to use the silica gel packets. You should keep a stock of silica gel packets around, and place your phone inside a bag or other container filled with the bags to dry out.

2. Preserve Your Photos

There are many people who keep their albums of photos stored in a closet, attic or basement. However, the photos might be damaged from moist air. Hence, you can preserve them by storing them with a few silica bags in the boxes. The silica bags will absorb moisture and protect your photos.

3. Keep Your Gym Bag Fresh

We all know how a gym bag smells. So, in order to avoid that smell, you should toss a silica bag or two inside. These bags will absorb moisture in the bag and keep it fresh.

4. Extend the Life of Your Razors

This is another amazing use of the silica gel bags. You can keep your razors longer with the use of these bags. Simply, you should store the razors in a plastic container with one or two silica bags.

Bonus Trick

of the silica bags is that they can defog your car windows faster. All you have to do is place the silica bags in a row under your windshield from the inside, and watch them wick away the moisture.

These are some great reasons to start saving the silica bags, right?

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