These 3 Foods Are The Best Protection For Your Bones And Prevent Osteoporosis

Our bones are the foundation of our physical bodies, but even so, they’re still somewhat fragile and absolutely breakable. Not only that, but as we age, they are subject to wear and, in the case of osteoporosis, exceptional weakness.


If you have osteoporosis, your risk of bone fractures is much greater, so it’s important for you to seek treatment.

An estimated 2 million osteoporosis-related bone fractures occur in the United States each year, according to a 2006 report in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research.

In order to prevent osteoporosis, it is important to take exercise and watch yourВ diet from an early age.

In the adolescence period, it is very important for young people to be physically active, as this encourages the growth and development of the bones. We present three foods that possess the most necessary ingredients to grow healthy and strong bones.


Broccoli is Best Raw

Broccoli is one of the most potent foods for maintaining strong bones. ItВ belongs to the family of green vegetables, and itВ provides a variety of minerals and proteins, and in particularly calcium. It is best consumed in its raw state as a salad, but if you like it cooked then you can and also fry it in a little oil or boil it on steam, considering that the thermal treatment makes it lose its important ingredients.

Sesame and Yoghurt

Sesame (Sesamum indicum) is one of the most useful supplements against osteoporosis, while sesame oil is considered an extremely healthy oil, and is often used as a substitute for olive.

It contains large quantities of the extremely important calcium, manganese, copper, magnesium and selenium. For those who do not have enough calcium in their body, sesame is the right choice. Just add a teaspoon of sesame seeds in 0.5 dl of yoghurt and leave it to stay overnight. It’s best eaten in the morning on an empty stomach.

Eat Ripe Bananas

Bananas areВ not only a pleasure, but also a fruit packed with lots of nutrients that can effectively replace a complete meal. It is effective against osteoporosis because it is rich in minerals, potassium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, and folic acid.

Bananas also contain vitamins that are responsible for maintaining bone density.

You can chop them up and dehydrate them for a sweet, delicious snack any time.

A big advantage is given to dried bananas, which improve your metabolism, and contain all the useful ingredients in a more concentrated form.

Advice:В In addition to dietary and exercise improvements, you should also avoid or quit smoking, and limit your alcohol intake.


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