The Law of Vibration Affects Every Minute of Your Life!

In the video “What is the Law of Vibration?”, Bob Proctor describesВ a very common problem: WhyВ the Law of Attraction doesn’t workВ for you.

The Law of Attraction works for each one of us, but it works in accordance with the vibration we send out, not merely what we want. We must be aware that our emotions and feelings creates a vibration which needs to be in harmony with our wish. This is the reason why Bob says you need to “fall in love” with what you want. When you’re in love with someone or something, you’re in resonance with it because your thoughts, feelings and actions are aligned and that means they are all operating on the same frequency.

How the Universe really works

YourВ subconscious mind is your emotional switching part of your body. ItВ has a different belief system than what you are wishing for andВ your beliefs will win because they are strongerВ thousandsВ than your desires.

If you have a wish to buy a new house and to start a new business, it won’t happen if the voice in your head is saying, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”. The question here is: Why do you believe that you can’t have those things?

From your birth you are conditioned that that the Universe operates in a very different way from the real Universal Laws teach. You’ve been taught to think in a way that moves you AWAY from things you really want. We’ve all been conditioned this way. This condition is inherited from our parents.

Here is an opportunity for you to learn a new way that is guaranteed to bring you everything you want. Because that’s the way God designed the Universe!

Five tips to raise your vibration

The key rule for positive vibration and using the law of attraction is attention to how you are feeling in each moment. You need to raise your vibration every time when you are feeling down or you have some negative thoughts. You can find a lot of tips how to increase your vibration. Here are a few of them:

  1. Write down ten things you are grateful for and really feel the gratitude.
  2. Listen to music you love.
  3. Walk in nature.
  4. Find something beautiful and appreciate it.
  5. Send love to three people who are bothering you.

Raising your vibration is a great way to start attracting more good things into your life.


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