She Had Terrible Stomach Pains: Doctors Thought She Was Dying, and Then They Pulled This Miracle!

Recently, the doctors in western India have conducted an extremely bizarre intervention. They pulled out a whole kilogram of hair from the stomach of 17 years old girl.

She Had Terrible Stomach Pains Doctors Thought She Was Dying and Then They Pulled This Miracle

Several years she has suffered from a strange disorder that causes her to constantly chew her hair. She started to feel abdominal pain, which forced her to contact a doctor.

She had a stomach ache for three years and she uses a painkillers. The acute pain has increased rapidly and it ended with operation of removing the enormous ball of string.

When the doctors done a scanner, the initially thought that it was a tumor, but only when they opened the stomach, they discovered a horrifying scene!

After the operation, the girl admitted that she eats her hair for 12 years. Her parents have given over 6,000 euros for tests and analysis, but the doctor’s couldn’t detect what it is.


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