Take This 3-Herb Mixture Every Day On An Empty Stomach to Kill Intestinal Parasites and Their Eggs

Parasites doesn’t exist only inВ tropical and exotic locales. They infest every part of the world andВ can be found in drinks and food as well.В It is important to remove them from our body, because theyВ can cause many health issues.

Take This 3 Herb Mixture Every Day On An Empty Stomach to Kill Intestinal Parasites and Their Eggs

What are parasites?

They are microorganisms that live inside a person’s body and feed of their nutrients. There are different types of parasites and the most common form are intestinal worms which cause pain, fatigue, hunger, irregular bowel movements and skin problems.

Parasites are harmful for humans, because theyВ steal nutrients from the body and release toxins in the blood which cause further problems. TheyВ lay eggs in the body and that’s why it’s very difficult to get rid of them.

In this article we are going to show you the best natural remedy to get rid of parasites. Prepare a herbal tea:


  • 2 tbsp of organic honey (optional)
  • Black walnut hull extract
  • 300mg wormwood
  • 500mg powdered cloves


Prepare 16 ounces of water, stir the black walnut extract, wormwood and the cloves.

The benefits:

The ingredients of this tea areВ extremely powerful against parasites.В The high levels of sesquiterpene lactones in the wormwood, effectively kill parasites.

This herbal tea are damaging the protective membrane of the parasites and make them unable to live in the body anymore.

The black walnut is excellent to eliminate the parasites. The bowel movements flush the worms out of the human body because the black walnut stimulates the colon. Parasitic eggs are actually not affected by black walnut or wormwood. However, clove is rich in powerful oil that dissolves parasite’s eggs, where the eggs can be eliminated as well.

Source:В greatlifeandmore.com

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