Sweet Potato Has 1000x More Vitamin A Than White Potato And Is a Natural Painkiller!

Sweet potatoes aren’t actually members of the potato family. Some people tend to believe that dark colored sweet potatoes are yams, but that’s wrong, too. Yams are usually white or purple, and have a specific earthy flavor, hard texture, and different level of sweetness.

Sweet potatoes can be white, yellow, orange, and purple. They come in different shapes and sizes.

Nutritional value

Darker varieties are super-rich in carotenes. Sweet potatoes have 1000 times more vitamin A than regular potatoes which makes them ideal for your vision problems. Natural vitamin A isn’t toxic, and vitamin A supplements are toxic when used in high doses.

Sweet potatoes are abundant in vitamins B2, B6, B7 (biotin), C, and E. they’re also rich in manganese, copper, folate, and iron. Add more sweet potatoes to your diet to boost your intake of pantothenic acid and fiber.

Health benefits

Sweet potatoes offer a healthy portion of plant proteins, and a single serving contains small number of calories. They’re low in sugar, and actually help in the regulation of blood sugar. They contain two times more fiber and calcium than regular potatoes. Sweet potatoes are excellent anti-inflammatory agents, and here are some more of their benefits:


Sweet potatoes are rich in antioxidants which aids in the treatment of inflammatory issues like asthma, arthritis, gout, etc.


Beta-carotene in sweet potatoes give their anti-inflammatory properties, and you can actually use them instead of your conventional painkillers. Sweet potatoes can be steam-cooked and juiced.


Sweet potatoes regulate blood sugar and insulin, and reduce insulin resistance.

Digestive tract

Fiber in sweet potatoes does magic to your digestive tract. Oh, yes, leave their skin on for maximum benefits. Sweet potatoes relieve constipation, and prevent the development of colon cancer.


Active and passive smokers suffer from vitamin A deficiency which is the main factor of many health problems.

Fetal development

Folate in sweet potatoes builds strong fetal cells and tissue development.

Immune system

Eat sweet potatoes often to boost your immunity, and build strong resistance against infection.

Heart disease

Sweet potatoes are rich in potassium. This mineral reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. It balances electrolytes and fluids in the body, and promotes normal heart function and blood pressure.

Muscle cramps

Potassium deficiency makes you prone to injuries and causes muscle cramps. Add sweet potatoes to your menu, especially if you exercise often. This will boost your energy, and prevent injuries and cramps.


Stress “kills” the potassium in your body, and that’s another reason for you to eat more sweet potatoes. The orange goodness will regulate your heartbeat and restore your potassium reserves. It stimulates the flow of oxygen to the brain, and balances fluids in the body.


Always buy the darker varieties, as they are richer in beta-carotene than other varieties. Your sweet potatoes should be firm and smooth. Don’t buy pieces that have green bits, because these potatoes are toxic.

Keep your sweet potatoes in an open, cool, dark, and well-ventilated place. DO NOT keep them in plastic bags or in your fridge. Use them within 10 days.

Sweet potatoes are prepared in the same ways as regular potatoes. Their skin is super-packed with nutrients, so don’t peel them. Use a veggie brush to get rid of the dirt. You can steam-cook your veggies, or just run them through your food processor. Add yoghurt, honey and flaxseed oil, and your health-boosting smoothie is ready!

Steaming, baking, and boiling increase the bioavailability of the nutrients in your sweet potatoes. You can just juice them as well.

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