Suzanne Somers Refused Chemotherapy and Healed Cancer Naturally

Suzanne Somers was diagnosed with inoperable cancer and she thought her situation was hopeless.

Suzanne Somers Refused Chemotherapy and Healed Cancer Naturally

She wrote about her incredible journey to recovery in her new book “Knockout”, sparking controversy with her statements about the power of alternative medicine in the treatment of this deadly disease.

After she was diagnosed with cancer, she wanted to find out a bit more about alternative medicine and effective natural remedies. She started consulting with a number of popular doctors and their patients regarding which course of treatment is the most effective for her condition.

She decided to change her lifestyle and refused chemo. After 10 years, the cancer was completely gone and she feels better than ever before.

In her book, she points a lot of advises with natural treatment. Also, it is explained how to ease the side-effects of chemotherapy and defeat cancer for good.

In the video below, she was interviewed by Harry Smith, where Suzanne explains her journey and all the alternative treatments she found useful and beneficial, which helped her to beat the cancer.


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