How Sunscreen Could Be Causing Skin Cancer, Not The Sun

Summertime is still far away, but you should always think about protecting the skin from the sun. The bigger percentage of people use sunscreen for this purpose, which is highly recommended in the campaigns by the companies. But the real truth is that we shouldn’t block the sun to get to our skin even though we have to protect ourselves from sunburns. The sun provides our body with needed vitamin D and is also very beneficial for many conditions, such as, you may not believe this, preventing cancer. We have always been taught that sun expose is very dangerous and because of this we always choose the even worse alternative to cover ourselves in chemicals that are highly toxic and disrupt the hormones.

It has been scientifically proven that our body absorbs very quickly everything that we apply on the skin. Numerous studies worldwide have evaluated the sunscreen’s effects and also its content and the way that the ingredients get into the body after being applied on the skin. The Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Manitoba, Canada conducted a study in order to search for a method to measure the sunscreen agents. And it gave disturbing results, which actually meant that all the toxic chemicals from the sunscreen that we apply on the skin, were absorbed deeply into the tissues of our body.

Environmental Health Perspectives published a study which revealed a huge decrease in the number of chemicals that disrupt the hormones, which are often added to personal care products after the people who participated in the study, replaced these with ‘cleaner’ products. These highly toxic chemicals are phthalates, parabens, triclosan, oxybenzone and many others. And all the commonly used sunscreens contain each of these ingredients.

So here we should think about whether to be worried about this, because all the ingredients from the sunscreen penetrate deeply into our bloodstream. The companies that are producing the sunscreens stated that we shouldn’t be concerned about this but now we are all aware on how much we can actually trust such corporations. For example, Johnson & Johnson wittingly placed a baby powder that caused cancer for sale, and it was proved to be true.

So because of this we wanted to give importance to a specific article titled “Excuse Me While I Lather My Child In This Toxic Death Cream.”, which was published in Huffington Post. In this article is stated a testimony of one mother – Sarah Kallies, and she says that she is really exhausted of constantly trying to do the best for her children and fight the world, especially because everything around us is a silent killer. And she also adds that every single thing that she buys for her children is perfect on one side and on the other side extremely toxic, and this is really confusing. Many different sources stated different things about each product, and this put us in a very difficult position when we try to decide what is actually safe for our children, even for the simplest things.

But we now know for sure that the chemicals in the sunscreen are dangerous and toxic, and that they penetrate deeply into our body when we use them. So here are some of these chemicals:


This is actually the ingredient, which is added in the most popular sunscreens, and it causes the biggest damage to our body. It is added to the sunscreens because of its ability to absorb the ultraviolet light, it is highly dangerous because it leads to cell damage and hormone-disruption and this can cause cancer.

The Environmental Working Group stated that oxybenzone is frequently added to sunscreens, and when it is absorbed in the skin it goes into our bloodstream and works as estrogen in our body. Oxybenzone can also cause allergic reactions. They also say that the data is still not finished but many studies have connected the health damages with high concentration of oxybenzone. For example one research has related the lower birth weight daughters to high concentration of oxybenzone during pregnancy; others have linked it to endometriosis in older women.

Many studies have been conducted about oxybenzone. The Department of Clinical and Experimental Endocrinology at the University of Gottingen in Germany also conducted a study, and they evaluated and observed the regulatory effects on receptor expression about the indication of endocrine disruption by the oxybenzone.

The Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology from the University of Zurich also conducted a research and discovered that oxybenzone has the ability to imitate the effects that estrogen has in the body and also cause the growth of cancer cells.

Queensland Cancer Fund Laboratories at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Australia, also cinducted a study which was induced by multiple studies and accepted the importance of the sunscreen’s absorption in the skin. The experts found that than oxubenzone has the ability to impede the growth of the cells and hold back the cycle development in the first out of four phases of the cell cycle and inhibited the DNA synthesis. They also discovered that using sunscreen can lead to drug uptake changes in particular cell lines and also lead to mitochondrial stress.

The Journal of Health Science published a study which was conducted by the National Institute of Health Sciences in Japan, and this study evaluated the UV stabilizers which are added in food packages as plastic additives. It was discovered that estrogenicity is contained in the UV stabilizers added in sunscreen, by the MCF-7 breast cancer cell analysis, and also an immature rat uterotrophic analysis. In this study they tested 20 types of benzophenones in the same analysis to prove their estrogenic activity, as well as total 11 UV stabilizers.

And there are many more cases like these.

Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A palmitate)

U.S government scientists conducted a study which showed that retinyl palmitate – which is a form of vitamin A, if it is applied on the skin and with sun exposure can accelerate the development of skin tumors and lesions. The Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition chose retinyl palmitate to test it for photo- toxicity and photocarcinogenicity because of its increased use as a compound for sun protection in cosmetic products.

Also another expert, Dr. Joseph Merocla claims that because sunscreen products contain vitamin A and its derivates, retinyl palmitate and retinol, can speed up the development and the spread of malignant cells and skin cancer.


The fragrance presents actually all the chemicals which are damaging and disrupt the hormones, such as synthetic muscs, phthalates and parabens.

Sun Exposure Can Protect You from Cancer

The sun is not that harmful as everyone says it is. Companies that produce sunscreen care more about their profit, than the health of people, and it is not in their convenience to tell us that sun s actually beneficial and can protect us from cancer. Numerous studies have confirmed this relation, and show that the proper amount of sun can protect our health and prevent cancer.

It is well known that the human body needs vitamin D from the sun. The thing that we need to worry about is sunburns because they can cause melanoma, but because of many different factors like marketing campaigns and cultural changes, our skin is less resistant to the sun. The skin adjusts to sunlight in order to make natural immunity, when it is exposed to sunlight. But due to our actions to protect us from the sunlight, we have reduced the natural ability of the body to receive sunlight. There are other alternatives than sunscreen that you can use to prevent sunburns. You can replace them with natural chemical-free sunscreens. So you can rethink twice before you believe the big name advertisements in order to preserve our health.

Radiation is the reason for only 10% of all cases of cancer and UV radiation is maybe the smallest percent in that. Many people think that the sun is the main factor for developing skin cancer, but they probably do not think about the other causes such as leather preservatives, pesticides, and also arsenic that is in many things that we ingest or work around.

It is very important to be aware of what you put in your body because sunscreens are absorbed very quickly after application and they are full with toxic chemicals. Today we believe that the sun is something to be afraid of, even though it has created all life on Earth-isn’t that a bit ironic? But did you know that your fears can actually become reality. So always remember this – Sun is very beneficial for our health and you should use natural products to protect you from sunburns and will allow you to get all the benefits at the same time.

Healthier Alternatives

So when you chose which sunscreen to buy, read its content and do not buy the ones that have toxic chemicals. They may be rare and more difficult to find but know that they are worth the effort. Search for products that have titanium minerals and zinc in its content and avoid the ones that contain the active ingredients that are listed above. And it is a better solution to protect you with clothing and shade. You do not have to apply sunscreen each time you go out in the sun. It will only prevent the absorption of vitamin D. So it is better to avoid using sunscreen when you out for short time and fill your body with vitamin D that will improve your health.

Coconut oil is a good natural protection with an SPF of around 8. So even though it does not offer high protection, it can still be helpful. So if you choose coconut oil, besides protecting you from the sun, it will also hydrate your skin and it will make it less vulnerable to sun burning. You can also make a combination of coconut oil with other natural sunscreen. You can first apply the natural sunscreen and after several hours in the sun, you can use the coconut oil and it will provide hydration to your skin and it will use as an addition to the sunscreen.

Have you ever used coconut oil instead of the usual sunscreen? Or you apply other natural sunscreen?

Watch the following video to see what other options you have and to get more information.

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