How to Stop a Heart Attack in 1 Minute

Cayenne pepper has a lot of health benefits. Recently it was proven thatВ it is able toВ stop a heart attack in only one minute!В Therefore, you should alwaysВ have it in your cabinet.


Dr. Christopher is anВ American herbalist with 35-yearsВ career. HeВ has never lost a patientВ due to a simple trick – daily dose of cup of cayenne pepper tea. This fact proves the theory thatВ cayenne pepperВ works in real time.

Cayenne pepper has aroundВ 90,000 Scoville units,В according to the Scoville Heat Units.

AВ teaspoon of cayenne pepper inВ a glass of water is a perfect combination forВ patients who have had a heart attack. When a person isВ unconscious, you shouldВ put a few drops of cayenne pepper extract under hisВ tongue.

It willВ increase the heart rate,В balance the circulation, carries blood to all body parts, andВ helps the process of heart recovery.

Note: Remember to useВ cayenne pepper in case of heart attack, not aВ hot pepper.


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