Start Growing Garlic In Your Own Home Garden With This Step-by-Step Guide And You Will Never Have To Buy Garlic From The Markets Anymore!

All of us love the specific taste of garlic in our dishes. It’s extremely healthy, delicious, and fragrant. People worldwide go insane for its aromatic hint. In case you wonder where you can buy the best garlic, the answer is: in your own home garden.

Why should you grow your garlic?

Garlic is amazing because of many reasons. It can be used in almost every savory meal. Some people use it because of its numerous health benefits.

Immunity boost

According to scientists, regular consumption of garlic and its supplements can prevent flu and cold by 63%. Garlic can treat Staph and strep infections, as well. It is the optimal solution for treatment of ear infections.

Healthy cardiovascular system

The properties found in garlic regulate cholesterol and prevent its accumulation. If you want to lower the risk of sudden stroke and heart disease, consume garlic on a regular basis. It can normalize the blood pressure, too.

Prevent cancer

Garlic lowers the risk of development and expansion of colorectal, stomach, and liver cancer, according to studies.

Grow your own garlic

Garlic can be easily grown in a home garden or in a tiny apartment. It’s one of the easiest food to grow. Always opt to choose organic garlic cloves, since non-organic ones are cultivated with numerous chemicals. Just follow this detailed guide and watch your garlic grow.

Plant the cloves in October, before the ground starts to freeze. (Don’t do this if you plan to grow garlic indoors). Your oil need to be fertile and loose. Put 2 inches of organic matter on the top of the soil. The furrows have to be 6 inches apart and shallow. Then, put the cloves 4 inches apart and 2 inches deep, with the pointier end up.

Next, cover them with soil and dirt. Pour some water and put dead leaves atop. In spring, fertilize the garlic plant. You should water the soil only in case it is dry an inch under the surface. In order to keep the plant strong, clip off the flowers. When the plant reaches 5-6 leaves, your garlic is ready.

Consume it right away or you can leave it to dry hanged in a dry and cool place.

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