Start eating these 7 Foods The Moment You Or Someone You Know Has Been Diagnosed With Cancer

Each and every one of us has experienced the horrifying consequences of cancer weather directly or indirectly (someone they care about has been diagnosed with it). This disease is the most horrifying thing that could ever happen to a human. And it has ruined millions of lives with its devastating consequences. And the ones who are at a risk of being diagnosed with any kind of cancer, or the ones already living the nightmare are feeling helpless and likea burden to their family.

“What can I do to stop this? How can I help myself in beating this disease?”

Are the questions which are replaying in their mind over, and over, and over again. The good news is that there is an answer for this question, and there are some thing that cancer patients can do to try and prevent, or stop this disease from developing. With the development of the science in the areas of cancer, the people doing the research about this disease found out that there are 7 foods which can prevent or stop cancer in the all-natural way. These are 7 products which you might already have in your kitchen and by implementing these 7 foods in your everyday diet you are going to help your organism in the fight against cancer.

There is one thing that plays a key role in every type of cancer, and it is the angiogenesis, a blood process in which our body develops new blood vessels. Chemical signals in our body regulate this amazing process which are in charge of repairing the old, used up, and damaged blood vessels and replacing the dead ones by producing new. The angiogenesis inhibitors are the chemical signals which are preventing the process which we mentioned above. And in a healthy patient there is a harmony between the effects of productions and the inhibition as chemical signals. This later is going to lead to healthy blood vessel development, like our body needs.

The tumor which starts developing is in need of blood supply, and that is the reason why it stimulates the process of angiogenesis. So as our body produces blood vessels it feeds the growing tumor with the oxygen and nutrients which it needs to grow and metastasize. That is the process of how the cancer spreads throughout the whole human body.

Why Would These Foods Help?

These 7 foods which we are going to show you today are by themselves natural angiogenesis inhibitors, they are also known as anti angiogenic agents. They act by interfering with the metastasizing process. They are blocking the blood vessels which supply the tumor and in that way stopping its development by completely starving it, not allowing any blood or nutrients. The researchers claim that these foods can prevent, slow down the development or even stop cancer in some cases.

And in the following few paragraphs we are going to uncover to you the secret 7 foods which prevent, slow down and even stop cancer:

  1. Green Tea:

This tea is a type of tea which is made out of camellia sinensis leaves which underwent a process of withering and oxidation which is also implemented in the making of oolong and black tea. The green tea has polyphenol catechins in it which are great when it comes to antioxidant, chemo preventive, and the anti angiogenic properties which are going to help your organism in the fight against cancer. By drinking 2 to 3 cups of this tea every day can prevent cancer from developing, it stops the stimulated angiogenic signals by 70% and it decreased the invasion of tumor cells for about 50%.

  1. Raw Cacao:

The cacao beans are rich in flavanol. This is an ingredient which has great anti-oxidant properties and the ability of healing the damage which has been done to the cells. The second property is the most important one in this commodity because tumor develops out of damaged cells. This commodity is also rich in antioxidant flavanols, polyphenols, as well as proanthocyanidins. All of these are good in stopping the development of cancer. It can be used in a lot of ways and recipes, add it in smoothies, bake cakes with it, drink it what you are going to do with it is up to you!

  1. Curry:

There are molecules in the curry which are good when it comes to eliminating cancer cells in bowel and esophagus cancer, these molecules are also good because they attack cancer cells the first 24 hours once the curry has been consumed. Even though there are not any hard evidence for all of the anti cancer properties of this amazing spice, it is recommended that you consume it. You can implement this great spice in your everyday diet as a supplement or you can add it in your meals as a spice.

  1. Blueberries:

There are numerous studies about the blueberries and the one conducted in Rutger University, by consuming 1 and a half cup full of blueberries you can decrease the rate of pre-cancerous lesions for up to 75%. The most important role in this process is played by the pterostilbene. This is an antioxidant which we can find in the blueberries.

  1. Turmeric:

Here is another spice which is great in preventing the cancer from developing or stopping it completely. This amazing spice is really good because it contains properties which are antiangiogenic and chemopreventive. According to a study conducted on this spice, the people undergoing this study consumed 4 gr. of turmeric on a daily basis and the premalignant markers in cancer dropped for 40%.

  1. Lycopene:

This potent angiogenesis is great and a very potent one, we can find it in tomatoes. This potent angiogenesis is the reason why the tomatoes have a red color. In an experiment in which participated 51, 000 men was discovered that there is 23% reduced risk of cancer in the ones who ate two portions of tomato sauce on a weekly basis .

  1. Resveratrol Supplements:

This commodity has the ability to inhibit angiogenesis because of the fact that it is a natural polyphenol and phytoalexin. In order to get the right dosage of these supplements we recommend you consulting a pharmacist, because there are certain doses for certain height and weight proportions.

Last but not least, STAY HEALTHY!

If you would like to have better chances in the fight against this horrifying disease we would recommend you implementing all of these foods in your everyday diet. To get the best experience out of them it is best if you make sure to prepare them in the way you would enjoy the most. Make sure to enjoy while eating this foods, because fighting cancer has never tasted and felt so good.

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