What She Spreads On Her Skin, Everyone Has At Home – But Nobody Uses It!

When we get out of bed the first thing we think about is a warm and nice cup of coffee, this drink is one of the most widely consumed and most popular drinks all around the world, no matter what culture, religion, country everybody has drank at least one cup of coffee in their life, and there is no one who wouldn’t like to drink one in the morning after they got out of bed.

The fact that the coffee has a lot of health benefits is not a secret. The benefits which the coffee offers are protection from various different ailments, improvement of the cognitive functioning, decreased risks of suffering from depression etc. Although the coffee itself has a lot of great medicinal benefits for the human bodies, the coffee grounds could be used for even more benefits and they could be at huge help too!

We are not kidding, you can start using the leftovers from your coffee it is recommended to implement organic coffee, and by doing this you can get amazing results. The only thing that you need to do is to put down the coffee grounds on a baking paper and leave them like that so that they can dry.

In the following few paragraphs we are going to present to you 10 amazing benefits of coffee grounds ranging from reducing hideous puffy eyes to getting a better color for your hair.

Reduces Cellulite

The main component which can be found in coffee is the caffeine, and this component is well known for its ability to reduce the cellulite because of its stimulant properties. The caffeine can stimulate the blood and lymph circulation in our bodies and with that it helps our bodies to transport the toxins and other waste to the organs which can get rid of it.

You are going to need to make a thick paste from coffee grounds and virgin coconut oil by mixing them in the same proportions, do this in your hand, and apply the mixture on the areas on your body where you can spot cellulite such as the thighs and the hips.

Get rid of the bags under your eyes

Some of the most common beauty problems lay in the puffiness of the eyes, redness, dark circles around the eyes, allergies, fluid retention and in some cases lack of sleep. And the coffee isВ  great when it comes to getting rid of the dark circles around your eyes, it is completely going to restore the skin on your face and it is going to make your face look radiant and beautiful.

To make this amazing remedy for the bags around your eyes you are going to need to apply chilled coffee grounds on the area where the dark circles are appearing. Leave it like that for about 10 minutes and after that you should rinse the area whit cold water.

Exfoliates dead cells

Dead cells and flaky skin can be exfoliated by the slightly abrasive texture which the coffee has. You can scrub off the flaky skin on your face by gently rubbing the coffee on the affected areas. This component can also be used by rubbing it on your cracked heels, peeling hands etc.

Mix together a tsp. of coffee grounds, half a tsp. of jojoba oil in the same small bowl. Now, you can use this remedy as we specified before, by rubbing it gently on the affected area and see the results in a very fast time.

Get softer and nicer looking lips

Having trouble with chapped, dry or cracked lips? This is not a real problem for today’s amazing ingredient. Once you realize your lips are chapped, dry or cracked all you need to do is mix half a tsp. of used coffee grounds, half a tsp. of honey and mix it together until you get smooth but effective lip cream. Rub the mixture on your lips for about 30 seconds and after that wash your lips with a wet cloth.

Brighten skin

Anti-oxidant rich coffee beans can cleanse your skin of toxins and deep clean it at once. Put together two tbsp. of coffee grounds and half two tbsp. of virgin olive oil. Carefully massage your skin with this mixture, without touching the eyes area. Use a wet cloth to remove the mixture after 30 seconds have passed. Tap the leftover from the olive oil so that the skin can soak it in.

Stimulates blood circulation

As we said earlier the coffee is good for blood and lymph circulation. Well the increased circulation is going to give you the radiant, glowing and excellent looking skin that you’ve always wanted.

Beautifies feet

We also said before that the flaky and dry skin on your feet can be exfoliated easily with the help of coffee grounds. These problems are especially present in the winter because of the cold weather. Rub your feet gently to soften the cracked heels and moisturize your feet at the same time.

Put a tbsp. of coffee grounds and the amount of coconut oil which you are going to need so that you can make rough paste. Fill the tub with warm and soapy water and put your fit in the water. While your feet are in the water use the mixture to gently rub your feet with it in slow and circular motions. Using a brush you are going to speed up the treatment of exfoliation.

Exfoliates Scalp

Once your scalp feels grimy and clogged up you can use coffee grains which is going to help you exfoliate your scalp. You can also make your scalp look fresh and clean by scrubbing off dandruff flakes off of your scalp.

Put a tbsp. of regular sugar, a tbsp. of ground coffee, and the needed quantity of coconut oil so that you can make a soft but gritty mixture. Rub this mixture into your scalp and after that wash your hair as you would do originally.

Add shine to hair and stimulate growth

Coffee grains can also make your hair shine and stimulate the growth of it. So we would recommend you making your own follicle facial by rubbing brewed coffee grounds into your scalp for about 60 seconds, rinse your hair with cold water and finish off by washing your hair by using the shampoo which you use regularly. If you continue to do this over time the results are going to be amazing.

Enhances hair color

You can use coffee to elevate the richness of your dark hair. It is well known that this remedy can bring some really nice tints to black or brown, and it is going to strengthen the strands as well.

Put one tbsp. of freshly brewed coffee grounds and 2 tbsp. of conditioner. Apply the mixture on your head and leave it on there for about 5 minutes. In the end when you are finished rinse off the mixture and you’re good to go!

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