Something Incredible Happens If You Put a Clothespin On Your Earlobe For 5 Seconds

In our modern lifestyle, most of us are experiencing stress on a continual basis, whether we know it or not. One of the best methods toВ relieve stress is to doВ full body massage. However, you can save time and money with a simple method -В ear reflexology.

Something Incredible Happens If You Put a Clothespin On Your Earlobe For 5 Seconds

Different pressure points within the ear canВ relieves stresses and eases symptoms, according toВ Richard Randig. With this method can be also treatedВ pain relief, as well as someВ other health issues.

TheseВ techniques are presented in the video below. So, you can try themВ next time when you feel like you need a massage or have need toВ relief pain in certain areas of your body.

You should sitВ down in a chair andВ pull your hair up if it is needed. Then you need toВ press your ear lobes gentlyВ and pull them downwards.В Trace the outer edges of your ears numerous times.

Wile you are doing this technique you shouldВ pay attention to the rest of your body. If you notice any pain or irritation while squeezing the ear, justВ hold the pressure for five seconds. Then you can move on to the next ear. You need to repeat the procedure five times.

There is another technique which is called “clothes pin”. ItВ is used on each of six pressure points on the outer ear for five seconds. On this way youВ are putting pressure on the lobe of the ear and easing headaches.В This methodВ can also help you to ease stomach issues, sinuses, as well as back and shoulder issues.


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