This Soap Causes Breast Cancer and Everyone Uses It Daily

There are many people around the world who are using antibacterial soaps, without knowing that they are full of harmful chemicals. Regular use of this kind of soap may cause cancer.

This Soap Causes Breast Cancer and Everyone Uses It Daily

Recent research found that the toxic chemical “triclosan” supports cancer cells. This compound is dominant in antibacterial soaps and beauty products.

According to the Korea Institute of Research, triclosan has extremely dangerous effects on the hormonal system. They found that it suppresses the production and function of hormones, such as testosterone. It affects on endocrine system, causing abnormal cellular formation. Also, it is found that triclosan can cause breast cancer.

Antibacterial soaps contain another harmful chemical ingredient – octyl phenol, which cause abnormal cellular growth.

In addition you can find a list of some commercial soaps that contains triclosan:

  • Kimcare Antibacterial Clear Soap
  • Foaming Sanitizers
  • Skin Purifying Wipes
  • Dermalogica®
  • Ultra Concentrated Dawn Antibacterial Dishsoap
  • Ajax Antibacterial Dishsoap
  • CVS Antibacterial Soap
  • DermaKleen™
  • Dial® Liquid handsoap and bodywash
  • Clearasil®
  • Tea Tree Therapy™
  • Antibacterial Lotion Soap

There are some institutions which already alerted the people of the harmful effects of triclosan, such as Environmental Working Group and Beyond Pesticides.

They signed a petition to the FDA for banning the usage of this products.


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