Soak a Piece of Bread In Vinegar – You Will Wonder How Come You Never Knew Anything About it’s Amazing Effects

Too much friction or pressure on your toe can result with a calluses, which is a defense mechanism that prevents infections and blisters.


Despite the friction or pressure, there are some other conditions that helps creating of calluses, such as reduced body fat filling, dry skin, and constant rubbing with an objects.

Calluses can cause pain or discomfort in walking. Mostly they appear in athletes, ballet dancers, cooks and musicians.

Luckily, there are some homemade remedies that can help you to get rid of them in just a few days.

Bread and vinegar

It’s very simple and effective method. Just put a piece of bred in white vinegar, then put it on the callus. Cover the bread with a gause during the night. Take it off when you wake up and that’s it!

Castor oil

You can also apply a little castor oil on your affected area, and let it stay over night.


Put a peel of an orange lemon directly on the callus and cover it with a gause. Leave it to stay overnight and remove it in the morning.


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