Smoking In Cars With Children is Illegal Starting October 1, 2016

Secondhand smoke is very dangerous, especially for children. ItВ causes numerous health problems, including more frequent and severe asthma attacks, ear infections, respiratory infections, and sudden infant death syndrome. (1)

Smoking In Cars Secondhand Smoke With Children is Illegal

A new law protects children from secondhand smoke. FromВ October 1stВ will be illegal to smoke in cars that have kids in them. If you are caught, you areВ going to payВ up to $80. (2)

According to the Department of Health, aВ secondhand smoke meansВ breathing in thousands of chemicals which is almost the same as theВ smoker breathes in.

The law will be applied for any private vehicle, no matter if your window is open or a sunroof up. Even if you are parked with the door open, the law still applies. The only one exception is a convertible vehicle with a completely opened roof.

Boats, ships, and aircrafts are not affected by this law, becauseВ they have their own rules. Also, theВ public transportation which have smoke-free laws attached to themВ are not affected.

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