Share This With Everyone – The Fibromyalgia Mystery Has Been Finally Solved!

A recently conducted study which was attempting to find the cause of pain in fibromyalgia patients has discovered that the pain does not originate from the brain after all. This is considered to be a huge revelation which marks the end of the mystery surrounding the condition. Fibromyalgia affects millions of people all over the world, and because there is no cure, the majority of people treat it with painkillers.

But despite scientists believing the pain originates from the brain, it has now been discovered that the pain actually comes from the blood vessels in our hands.

This incredible discovery could potentially lead to the discovery of new treatments and a possible cure, which means good news for more than 5 million Americans.

In order to get to the bottom of the mystery, the scientists focused on the skin of the hand of a patient which had a lack of sensory nerve fibers, resulting in a lowered pain response. The scientists were blown away to find a big number of nerve fibers in the skin sample because until, scientists thought that these fibers were in our hands to regulate the blood flow and had no role in pain. Upon discovering this, the scientists found a direct link between fibromyalgia pain and these nerves.

This discovery is ground-breaking as it answers many questions of why people suffering from fibromyalgia report pain in the hands, and why cold worsens their symptoms.

The current fibromyalgia treatment featuring painkillers hasn’t brought relief to every patient, and the other treatments involve antidepressants, anticonvulsants, analgesics and other medications which cause unpleasant side-effects.

However now that we know the true origin of the fibromyalgia pain, scientists are full on working to create a new possible treatment and a cure. Other simple tips which health experts recommend is light exercises and more sleep.

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