Scientists Warn: Tattoo Colors Can Cause Cancer! (Video)

The trend for tattoos start in America long time ago, and quickly spread worldwide.

Scientists Warn Tattoo Colors Can Cause Cancer

Recently, several studies confirm that inking can cause tumor if it was made with utilization of specific hues which contain perilous lethal substances, reported the specialists from Britain from the Organization of General Health.

In their investigation they found hazardous dangerous of nanoparticles from tattoo shading in the spleen through the blood and kidneys. This can drastically decrease the ability of the body to channel poisons.

Red and blue colors

A new research confirms the previous investigations for carcinogen chemicals in tattoo hues. Red tones contain mercury and the green and blue shades contain cobalt.

Black color

The study by Dr. Georgina Serupa from Copenhagenmore found that in 13 of 21 inking hues are found cancer causing materials.

The US research made experiments of black tattoo color on animals and found that it can cause skin cancer.


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