Scientist Reveals the Most Powerful Cancer Killer – Jackfruit

Have you ever heard about Jackfruit? It’s the largest fruit that grows on a tree, sometimes even up to 100 lbs! This fruit has been gaining popularity as a meat replacement for vegans.

Scientist Reveals the Most Powerful Cancer Killer Jackfruit

This fruit comes with a super healthy properties. It is rich in fiber, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and magnesium. Also, it contains protein, calcium, vitamin A, and iron.

In addition we are going to show you the most important benefits of this super fruit:

Strengthens immune system

It really help you to strengthen your immunity, due to it’s high amount of Vitamin C and the simple sugars. Recently was made an analysis of the immune-boosting properties on a mice. It was found that sugars present in jackfruit improves the cells function of the immune system, known as phagocytic cells.

Colon cancer prevention

Jackfruit helps in prevention of chronic diseases, due to the compounds it contains: phytonutrients, isoflavones, lignans and saponins. This fruit is excellent colon cleanser. It removes the toxins from your digestive tract, and reduce the risk of getting colon cancer.


Phytonutrients are very effective for prevention of cancer cell formation. They are also very helpful if you have stomach ulcers. The researchers are still conducting studies to find how they fight cancer cells.

Lignans & Isoflavones

There are a lot of studies who shows that these nutrients can reduce the risk of endometrial cancer. One of these studies was published in the journal of the National Cancer Institute in 2006. In the study were covered 500 women with endometrial cancer. They were selected in two groups. The group which consumed jackfruit and other fruits was able to reduce their cancer, compared to the other group.


According to a study which was published in the Journal of Nutrition 1995, it was shown that saponins prevents colon cancer. Also, there is a study which founds that phytonutrients induce mitotic arrest in leukemia cells. It is interesting that saponins react on the outer layer of the cancer cells and prevented their further growth.

Protection of cellular DNA

The antioxidants which were found in jackfruit are able to protect your cellular DNA from the free oxygen radicals. Also, it prevents induced mutations.

We strongly suggest you to consume this fruit, especially if you want to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer and improve your digestive system.


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