Scientist Discovers A Plant Which Kills Cancer Cells In Just 16 Hours! Spread The Word!

According to a new study, whose results were published in “Life Science”, it was found that a derivate of sweet wormwood plant is capable of killing 98% of breast cancer cells in just 16 hours or less.

Statistics have shown that the plant is capable of shrinking breast cancer by 28%, and when it is combined with iron, the effects of the plant are far more powerful than before. However, the best thing of all seems to be the fact that this wormwood tree derivate doesn’t affect healthy cells in any way.

A large number of people have been using artemisinin for a long time, as an antimalarial remedy, but now scientists have found that it can potentially kill cancer as well. They simply added iron to the subjects, as it tends to accumulate in breast tissue and the “infected” cells. They ended up with artemisinin going after and eliminating the abnormal cells while not even touching the normal body cells.

Iron is known for accumulating in the abnormal cells that have “transferrin” receptors.

And despite healthy cells having the same receptors, the difference is in the fact that cancer cells have twice as much, making them an easy target for artemisin and iron.

Artemising has been used by the Chinese for a long time now to treat malaria, as parasites cannot thrive in the presence of artemisin, according to a conclusion of Bioengineers Henry Lai and Narenda Singh from the University of Washington. They conducted research which showed that the extract of the plant triggers the death of cancer cells, also known as apoptosis.

The only downside is that the extract is currently expensive, however, the prices are expected to go down as soon as it becomes popular. As of right now, 50-60 tons of Artemisinin are released on yearly basis by “Sanofi”, but this might not be enough to meet everyone’s needs.

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