Say No to Nutella, It is Poisoning You and Your Children

Nutella is one of the most adorable products for children. For sure it is one of the most popular chocolate spread in the world.

Say No to Nutella It is Poisoning You and Your Children

Unfortunately, there is the time when we have to stand up and admit when something doesn’t smell right. The problem with Nutella is that it is not healthy at all.

There are a lot ofВ GMO products which are advertised under the guise of so-called healthy food.

Advertisements assure their customers that the product is healthy, even though it is made of unhealthy ingredients.

Not all ingredients in Nutella are GMO and unhealthy, but sometimes even one is enough to make the product bad for your health.

Here are some ofВ the ingredients in Nutella which are unhealthy:


The problem here is the lecithin, a substance presented in the soy. It can be harmful for our health, especially for thyroid depression, fatigue, uncontrolled weight gain, premature entry in puberty, menstruation delays, and breast cancer.


We are not talking for natural and organic sugar. The sugar which is used in Nutella is the cheapest one. The cheap stuff which are not organic are not good for our health, and using them can result to ADD, ADHD, autism, depression, anxiety, and migraines. The cheap stuff comes from genetically modified sugar beets which doesn’t shy away from the likes of pesticides and altered sugar which our own bodies don’t even recognize.

Skim Milk

Skim milk can be a wonderful alternative to high fat milk, but now it is a result of sickly factory treated cows fed with GMO corn, stuffed with antibiotics and other assembly line additives which serve to provide. Again we come to the point of “cheap” product. Once again cheap milk usually is linked to diseased milk.


It is not the same aВ vanilla, it’sВ vanillin! Maybe it’s a serve as a trick for your brain to think that it’s the same asВ vanilla.В Vanillin canВ act as a neurotoxin, killing off those useless brain cells while causing a very addictive pattern to set in through your brain receptors. Here we go again, the “cheap” product which is made in China’s petroleum-based factories.

We can sum up and say that Nutella is unhealthy with ingredients likeВ neurotoxins, cheap sugar and fake vanilla.


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