Say Goodbye to Bad Breath, Tartar and Plaque, and Kill Harmful Bacteria In the Mouth With This Ingredient

In this article we going to show you a natural folk remedy for improving your oral health.В It will detoxify your gums and teeth, whiten your teeth, andВ destroy all bacteria in your mouth.

Say Goodbye to Bad Breath Tartar and Plaque And Kill Harmful Bacteria In the Mouth With This Ingredient

The primary function of this remedy is to restore yourВ oral health, but also it canВ help you inВ treating asthma, several skin conditions, arthritis, liver problems, and headaches.

Oil pulling method

In fact it is very simple technique. You should only need aВ couple of teaspoons of some vegetable oil, such asВ coconut, olive or sesame oil.

You need to put the oil in your mouth for 20 minutes, and that’s it! 20 minutes is enoughВ to destroy all bacteria in your oral cavity. You shouldn’tВ swallow the oil, becauseВ it is full of bacteria. You need toВ spit the oil out and rinse well with water. In the end, it is recommended toВ brush your teeth as usual.



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