Rub This Point On Your Legs Every Night For Peaceful Sleep!

LegsВ areВ veryВ important for our overall health,В because ourВ feet are connected to theВ whole body. We should take proper care of them andВ thus will also improve ourВ sleep.

Rub This Point On Your Legs Every Night For Peaceful Sleep

In addition we are going to show you one of the most effectiveВ Chinese methods, which is known asВ San Yin Jiao. It promotesВ better sleep byВ a specificВ massage point on the leg.

San Yin Jiao massage:

1. First you need to findВ the highest peak of the inner ankle bone. Then you need toВ measure about 4 finger widths up yourВ inner leg. The point isВ just behind the shin bone.

2. StartВ massaging the point with yourВ thumb. You should makeВ circularВ movements for 6 seconds andВ release for 2 seconds. Repeat the process afterВ 5 minutes.

3. When you are done, you need to repeat the process with the other leg.

In order to achieve better results, we recommend you to do this method before bed time.

With this methodВ you will relieve bloating, insomnia, urological and pelvic disorders, and improveВ digestion. It can also help youВ to regulate the spleen and kidneys.

Note: If you notice any pain while your are massaging the point, you need toВ stop. It means you are on the wrong place!


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