Why You Ought to Rub Your Feet Before Going to Bed

Most of us spend a great part of the day standing and walking. Hence, a good foot massage is more than welcomed. The foot massage won’t only relax you, but also provide a wide range of therapeutic benefits for both physical and mental health. The food massage is actually a component of reflexology.  is a technique part of an alternative medicine, which believes that the feet and hands have nerve endings called reflexes. These reflexes are directly connected to different systems and organs within your body. Hence, by massaging certain points, you target a specific organ and provide relief.

So, by doing regular foot massage, you will target and improve your overall health. We decided to show some of the benefits of this technique. The best thing is that it is easy, effective, and you can do it yourself before going to bed.

Health Benefits of a Daily Foot Massage

Stimulates Blood Circulation

The foot massage is a powerful way of improving the blood circulation. All you should do is massaging your feet for 10-20 minutes every night before going to bed. This technique is especially beneficial for diabetics. Moreover, you will prevent numbness, tingling and burning sensations.

Promotes Sound Sleep

If you suffer from irregular sleeping patterns and insomnia, this foot massage will encourage a restful sleep. By massaging the feet, you will activate the meridians and promote the free flow of energy. This will relax your body and you will sleep like a baby.

Fights Stress and Anxiety

You can relieve stress and anxiety with the foot massage. Hence, by massaging the feet, you will provide relaxation to the entire nervous system. Make sure you apply pressure on the sides of your foot together. You will find the point at the center of this scrunched area.

Alleviates Low-Back Pain

You can eliminate the low-back pain by massaging the feet daily before bedtime. Use your thumbs to press along the arch of the foot for about 5 minutes.

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