Right Before His Death, Bodybuilder Cautions Others Not to Make His Mistakes

Dean Wharmby, a former bodybuilder, warned the people from the whole world about the negative impact of junk food. Recently he died from liver cancer.

Right Before His Death Bodybuilder Cautions Others Not to Make His Mistakes

He was diagnosed with cancer in November, when he was told that he has only few weeks to live. Unfortunately, the tumor in his liver was too large to operate on, so he was able to fight the progression of the tumor only with a healthy diet and natural remedies.

“Dean showed us all no doom or gloom, even in his darkest times”, Charlotte Rigby said.

“He fought through times where some people would crumble with a smile on his face and a big heart and he never gave up. He had such strong beliefs and I know that where he is now, he is free.”

Dean was sure that his cancer have been caused due to a 10,000 calorie per day. He ate burgers, pizza and bacon, and drank multiple energy drinks per day. Also, he took steroids on the beginning of his career.

After he was diagnosed with cancer, he was under strict diet with a complete removal of sugar and meat. In his diet were included a lot of vitamins.

Source: stayonthehealthypath.com

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