It Reduces Blood Pressure, Fights Against Tumor and Cleans The Liver!

Beetroots offers amazing health benefits, due to their rich nutritional value. They contains iron, calcium, and vitamins A and C, but also are great source of fibre, folic acid, manganese and potassium. (1)

It Reduces Blood Pressure Fights Against Tumor and Cleans The Liver

100g of raw beets provides:
43 calories2g protein0g fat 10 carbohydrate3g fibre

The consumption of beetroots are recommended from nutritionists, because they helps the process of toxins elimination. They are recommended especially in case of minor liver issues or digestive issues. (2)

Beetroots are also high in nitrites which is good for reduceing blood pressure. The deaths of cardiovascular disease will be reduced if beetroots are consumed regularly, the experts are decisive.

A recent research in London found that blood pressure can be dramatically reduced only from a glass of beetroot juice per day. The researchers in Melbourne discovered that half a liter of beet juice reduced the blood pressure only six hours later.

Beetroots are able to boost the whole organism. They can slow the progression of tumors  and dementia. Regular consumption of beetroots will reduce the growth of prostate and breast tumors for up to 12.5%.

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