After Reading This, You Will Never Use Your Phone in a Toilet Again!

Even though we are all aware of the hazards the phones cause, we tend to use them 24/7. Moreover, most of us cannot even go to the toilet without their mobile phones. So, they use the phones while sitting on the toilet. However, you should know that this is a terrible mistake.

Why Shouldn’t You Use a Phone in a Toilet?

Using the phone in the toilet can spread some serious diseases. According to a German germ expert, this issue is becoming worse. The electronic devices, as well as food, shouldn’t be brought in the toilet. Because when you take your phone into the toilet, it becomes contaminated with bacteria. There are various bacteria that strive in the toilet, such as E. coli, salmonella, C. difficile, and norovirus. Hence, when these bacteria accumulate on the phone, they can trigger infection. Moreover, you can also transmit the infection to somebody also through touch.

The smartphones contain high levels of pathogens, including fecal matter and E. coli. These gadgets increase the contamination in hospitals. In fact, phones are more contaminated than toilet seats.

What Should You Do?

We present you several steps you should consider taking to protect yourself from bacteria and infections.

  • First and foremost, do not take your phone in the toilet with you.
  • The risk of contamination is higher in public, hospital, and office toilets.
  • Make sure you always wash your hand properly and thoroughly.
  • The flush is also harmful, so you should keep your toothbrush as far as possible from the toilet.
  • Sanitize your phone as often as possible.

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