After Reading This, You Will Never Think Of Getting a Mammogram Again

Yearly mammograms are recommended to many women by health experts in order to help prevent breast cancer.

However, there has been a lot of theories going around that mammograms are not as effective as they seem, and that in fact they are the responsible for harming about our body more than we are aware.

According to research and statistics, around 90,000 women who have undergone a mammogram have shown to have the same risk of breast cancer, even higher percentage than the ones that haven’t undergone a mammogram.

4 Things That Women Need To Know About Mammograms

  1. They have the potential to cause cancer

Mammograms are believe it or not, far from being safe. They induce huge doses of ionizing radiation to create an imagine, meaning that they increase the risk of cancer and trigger mutations as well as other genetic damage, that cause even normal cells to become malignant. Women who undergo mammogram tests are subjected to energy x-ray 30kVp which is 300% more carcinogenic than high energy radiation coming from an atomic blast.

  1. Mammograms are not as effective

Mammograms are not as accurate as many health experts would like you to believe, and they are often prescribed to women without a reason at all, and just for “preventive” measures. According to studies, 80% of mammograms have come in with negative results, only for the women to notice that there is something wrong with them after the mammography session.

  1. They don’t lower death risks

A Canadian study involving 90,000 women during the course of 25 years has shown that mammograms didn’t lower the death rate from breast cancer, and while they may have helped save some women, they have harmed millions of healthy ones.

  1. Alternatives for mammograms

A better alternative for mammography is thermography. It is far simpler, non-invasive way of lowering your risk for breast cancer, as it can detect the tumor many years earlier than physical exams and mammograms. Thermography has actually been used in Europe and US since 1962, but despite being far more efficient, they haven’t received the publicity mammograms have.

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