A Quick Look In the Toilet Can Tell You If You Are Healthy!

Most of us are not aware that they can check the status of their health condition only if they see what they are leaving behind – or flushing.

A Quick Look In the Toilet Can Tell You If You Are Healthy

DoВ youВ know your shit?

The brown blob in your toilet which you left when you poop is a food after which was previously absorbed all the nutrients from it.

Pooping isВ natural way of expelling the waste from your body, that does not need. If you know how to detect the look and the smell of your poop, you can clues what’s happening inside your body.

TexturesВ of poop

  • Separate hard lumps, like nuts
    You need moreВ fibreВ and fluids.В DrinkВ more water and eat some fruits and vegetables.В 
  • Sausage-shaped, smooth and soft
    This is a sign that you are doing fine.
  • Watery, no solid pieces, all liquid
    Probably it is caused by some sort of infection and it’s called diarrhea. You should drink more liquids in order to replace the liquids lost, or if you do not do this you may find yourself dehydrated.
  • Sausage-shaped but lumpy
    It is not serious, but you should load up on fluids and fibre.
  • Soft blobs with clear-cut edges
    This is normal if you are pooping multiple times a day.
  • Sausage-shaped but with cracks on surface
    This is normal, but the cracks indicate that you should still up your intake of water.
  • Fluffy pieces with ragged edges, a mushy stool
    ItВ is on the edge of normal, and if you don’t take something it willВ become diarrhea.
  • Soft and sticks to the side of the toilet bowl
    It means that your body doesn’tВ absorbing the fats properly, and it has too much oil.

ShadeВ of poop

  • Brown
    Brown color of your poop meansВ then you are fine. It gets theВ brown color due to the bile produced in your liver.
  • Green
    It means that you have eaten aВ lot of green leafy veggies or green food coloring. It can happens if the food goes through your large intestine too quickly.
  • Yellow
    This type of poop indicates excess fat. This is because of malabsorption disorder like celiac disease.
  • Black
    Internal bleeding can result with black color. It can happen because of ulcer or cancer. It may be caused by some vitamins that contain iron or bismuth subsalicylate. If your poop is black for long period, you should visit a doctor.
  • Light-colored, white or clay-colored
    This could mean a bile duct obstruction, which can beВ caused by some medicines. You should see a doctor.
  • Blood-stained or red
    This can be serious, it can be a symptom of cancer. See a doctor if you find blood in your stool.

FactsВ about poop

  • When you eat something, usually it takes 1-3 days till it ends up in your poop.
  • Poop is consists of bacteria, undigested food, mucus and dead cells.
  • Healthy poop sinks slowly.
  • How often should you poop?
    People usually go once or twice a day. Someone might goes more or less, but it’s normal. According to the doctors, there is no normal frequency.
  • How to keep poop healthy?
    You should eat food rich in fibre (20-25 gr). Drinking water and every day exercises is also recommended.
  • When you should see a doctor?
    You should visit a doctor when you notice some symptoms in your poop out of the ordinary. You need to pay attention to what your body tells you.

Source:В healthycareteam.com

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