QI Energy Can Help to Beat Cancer

Qi-EnergyA fundamental theory of Chinese Medicine is “Qi” (pronounced “chee”). Qi simply means life energy.

It makes perfect sense; every single part of us, just like a plant, an animal, a machine or anything else that exists in the universe, needs energy to accomplish any form of movement or activity.

If our energy becomes weak then we can underperform, can become sick and disease can take hold within us.

In simple terms, you can think of energy in the human body in the same way as you would think of energy in batteries or power from electricity. When we put batteries or electricity into a machine it brings it to life; it animates it. It powers it up to function in whatever way it was intended to.

Qi-Energy2However, if those batteries start to run out then problems occur. If for example, you have a torch with failing batteries then the light would start to dim. Without sufficient power any machine will falter or not even work at all.

The body is exactly the same, the weaker the energy, the more problems and ill-health it will have.

Organs will weaken and be unable to create or move substances or perform their necessary functions. This will of course lead to illness in some form or another. Absolutely everything you do is dependent on energy. You cannot perform a single action without it; every movement and even every thought and emotion depends on it, to bring it to life and make it work correctly.

By simply increasing overall energy in the body you will find that you can cure many problems.

Every organ and cell in the body will be more powered up, will work better, be more productive, more healthy, more able to get rid of phlegm and toxins and so forth.

One of the key principles in the fight to defeat cancer will be the maximising of energy in the body.

Boosting energy will help in the many natural ways the body uses to destroy mutated cancerous cells such as through the immune system.

Boosting energy will also raise general standards of health and well being, which will make difficult times like receiving chemotherapy much less arduous to go through.

So how do we get more energy in our bodies?

Energy-SunWell there are loads of ways – such as from the sun, the foods we eat, proper sleep and rest, meditation, right mental attitudes, positive emotions, herbs, the stimulation of hormones inside our bodies, Qi Gong, right exercises, oxygen and breathing techniques.

However, the idea with Qi energy is not just to create more of it inside us but also to eliminate things from our lifestyles and diets that would deplete and steal our energy.

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