She Puts a Ziplock Bag Over Her Shower Head – After Seeing This You’re Going to Do the Same!

We always preferВ natural approach forВ cleaning our environment.В There are a lot of commercial products that willВ guarantee to do a better job than the one you already use. The true is that they are full of toxins and chemicals which canВ cause allergies, irritation and all sorts of problems.

She Puts a Ziplock Bag Over Her Shower Head After Seeing This Youre Going to Do the Same

When it comes toВ clogged and scaled shower head, we have the best solution which is toxins-free! I had the same problem. My shower wereВ spraying in a million different direction, making a total mess in my bathroom.В IВ was also wondering if would be possibleВ to get my old, rusty shower head to work again.

When yourВ shower head isВ clogged,В it means thatВ half of those little spray-jets are clogged while the other half is spraying in all directions due to the lime deposits.

You just need a large ziplock bag and filled it half way with white vinegar.В Put the bag over the shower head. Please make sure that the front of the shower head isВ dipped in the vinegar. Then, you shouldВ tied hair elastic around to hold the bag. Leave the vinegar to stayВ for several hours.

If your shower head is pretty clogged, you might need to scrub a bit around the holes. Scrubbing will helpВ to get all the mineral deposits out.

Now, you would have aВ brand new shower. You will be amazed from the result!


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