She Put Vinegar and Baking Soda In the Sink, After Seeing What Happened, You Will Also Do It

Vinegar is very common ingredient which is used almost in any home. Mainly it is used for cooking, but it is also very good for cleaning of different surfaces and unclogging pipes.

She Put Vinegar and Baking Soda In the Sink After Seeing What Happened You Will Also Do It

In addition we will show you the top 10 beneficial uses of vinegar:

1. You can unclog clogged pipes if you pour them with vinegar. It will also eliminate any odor coming from them.

2. Spray your washed clothes with a solution of ¼ of a cup of vinegar and ¾ of a cup of water to iron them easily.

3. Now the sticky residues can be take off very easy with gently rubbing some vinegar.

4. You can easily clean your glasses if you put a couple of drops of vinegar on a soft cloth.

5. Soak your dishes in mixture of hot water and vinegar. You can easily clean them afterwards.

6. With vinegar you can make your flowers last longer. Just put some vinegar in the water before you irrigate them.

7. You can eliminate odors from your fridge or closet if you put some vinegar inside.


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