Prepare Your Body For The Best Sleep You Will Ever Get

If you are one of those who has a problem to get a good night’s sleep, the truth is: the key to getting good sleep is to prepare for it. Typically, your body doesn’t want to go from sixty to zero, it want to cool down, calm down, and prepare itself for sleep. That’s why you get the chance to sleep those magical 8 hours, but it takes hours to actually fall asleep.

Prepare Your Body For The Best Sleep You Will Ever Get

In this article, we present 4 tips to get your body ready to be rested:

Hot Shower or bath

Warm shower or bath naturally raises metabolism. As a result of that, your body focuses on regulating your body temperature by slowing down. This can help to relax your body. It’s recommend to do this 30 minutes before bed.

Essential oils

Essential oils have the power to naturally relax your body. It can be used with a hot bath. These simple oils have been used for centuries for relaxation. The more aromatic the oil, like almond, coconut, lavender, or even just baby oil – the better.

Get comfy

It’s also important to get truly comfortable before bed. Whether you sleep clothed or nude, there are always ways to get your body ready for sleep like brushing your hair, slipping int0 you favorite old t-shirt, or putting on clean boxers. You should afford 30 minute period of time before bed, to prepare you and your environment, like sleeping temperature of your room. Setting the thermostat right before you crawl in bed just means there will be a period of time that you are not comfortable while the room adjusts.

Meditation or music

Some of us are listening to audiobooks before bed or watching tv, which we don’t recommend this because that required too much brain engagement. Your best bet for pre-bedtime relaxation is meditation or music. Go with something light, simple, and smooth.


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