This Popular Candy Is Linked To ADHD, Anxiety & Cancer!

We all love chocolate and peanut butter, but Reese’s peanut butter cups are the last thing you want to eat. These are sold at every corner, but what you don’t know is that these tiny cups are full of TBHQ.

Some background information

Reese was a shipping foreman for Milton S. Hershey. He came with the idea to produce the peanut butter cups, and that helped him build his own business.  He was no longer in the dairy farming business. Reese’s small family business was located in his basement.

Reese’s peanut butter cups are made with milk chocolate, (milk, chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, chocolate, no fat milk, milk fat, lactose, soy lecithin, PGPR), peanuts, sugar dextrose, salt, TBHQ and citric acid.

  1. Soy lecithin

Researchers have revealed a terrible information about the soy we consume. About 93% of the soy in our country is actually GMO. Soy lecithin affects fertility and damages the reproductive organs. it’s also linked to severe behavioral and cerebral abnormalities. Studies have found that soy lecithin can cause breast cancer.

  1. PGRP

Producers use polyglycerol polyricinoleate instead of cocoa butter to cut down costs. PGRP is made from castor beans, and it actually reduces the viscosity of chocolate. Scientists have found that it affects the gastrointestinal tract, and causes allergies in children.

  1. TBHQ

Tertiary butylhidroquinone is derived from petroleum, and that’s pretty much everything you should know about it. It’s a toxic substance that causes nausea, vomiting, ringing in the ears, delirium, and collapse. TBHQ damages lungs and umbilical cells, and triggers the development of abnormal cancer cells in the stomach. It’s even more dangerous for children, and causes anxiety, restlessness, and ADHD symptoms.

Homemade organic peanut butter cups

Make your own peanut butter cups. Use your favorite ingredients, and get busy in the kitchen. Healthy food stores offer organic peanut butter cups, but why buying them when you can make your own.


  • 12 oz dark chocolate
  • 1 cup organic peanut butter
  • Вј cup raw honey
  • Вј tsp. organic salt

You also need muffin tin liners.


Melt the chocolate for 1-2 minutes, and pour it in the muffin cups. Put them in the freezer.

Warm up your peanut butter, honey and salt. Pour the warm mixture over the chocolate layer, and put the cups in your fridge for 10 minutes. Take them out, and flatten the peanut butter mixture.

Rewarm the chocolate, and pour over another layer to “seal” the cups. Freeze again.

Enjoy our homemade peanut butter cups! Watch the video below for a vegan version of these cups.

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