Plant This and Say Goodbye to Spiders, Mice and Other Unwanted Pests in Your Home

TheВ elimination ofВ mice infestation can be reallyВ difficult. There are available a lot of methods, but most of themВ are very expensive andВ unpleasant.

Plant This and Say Goodbye to Spiders Mice and Other Unwanted Pests in Your Home

Luckily, we have to show you a simple and natural way to get rid of mice from your house.В Actually, we are talking aboutВ peppermint. It is incredibleВ natural repellent, because mice hate it’s smell. There are fourВ different ways how you can use it.

Peppermint Plants

The easiest way is to bring peppermint plantsВ throughout the entire house andВ outside in the garden. They will protect your house from mice, andВ give a nice smell.

Peppermint Sock

You can also put aВ peppermints in a sock, and place it nearВ a gap, hole, or areas where mice gather.

Prepare Your Own Spray

It’s very easy to prepare. JustВ boil some water and putВ some dried peppermint leaves in it. Wait untilВ they get fully concentrated, thenВ leave the mixture to cool down.

You can transfer the liquid inВ spray bottle, and spray all the areas where you have noticed mice, in cabinets, corners, closets.

Peppermint oilВ balls

To achieve better result, you can soak cotton balls in a peppermint oil, and put them around your house.

These four natural ways will help youВ to stay away fromВ repels aphids, flea beetles, cabbage looper, squash bugs, mosquitoes, whiteflies, ants, and bees!

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