The Perfect Combination of Lemon, Salt and Pepper Works Better Than Any Other Medicine (Video)

When we have problems with infections and flues, we can start using some shots and antibiotics or we can try a natural remedy which can be definitely more effective.

The Perfect Combination of Lemon Salt and Pepper Works Better Than Any Other Medicine

When we are sick,В we often feelВ fatigue and missing energy. In these situations we need some powerful ingredients which can help us to boost our immune system. Probably you can guess: the right thing is lemon juice! It containsВ calcium, citric acid, magnesium and vitamins.

In case of colds, just add salt, pepper and lemon juice in a glass and drink the mixture!

In addition, we present to you nine remedies that will solve your problems with flue and colds:

  1. When you haveВ sore throat problems, combine 1 tbsp. of salt, black pepper and lemon juice. Drink the mixture.
  2. If you have problem to openВ the nose ducts, combine cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom seeds and cumin. Use equal part and grind them. You can smell the mixture or inhale it.
  3. Olive oil and lemon juice are perfect combination if you want to get rid of gall stones.
  4. When you haveВ problem with tonsillitis, just mix lemon juice and salt and gargle the mixture.
  5. In case ofВ weight problem, take 1 glass of water and add Вј tsp. of ground black pepper, 1 tbsp. of honey and 2 tbsp. of lemon juice. Drink this mixture every day.
  6. In case of nausea combine black pepper, lemon juice and water.
  7. ToВ reduce asthma attack, you can try black pepper. AddВ 8 to 10 grains of black pepper, 15 basil leaves and 2 clove buds. Pour boiling water over them and leave the mixture for 15 minutes. Then add 2 tsp. of honey and drink the mixture.
  8. By combining black pepper and olive oil you can effectivelyВ eliminate toothache.
  9. Stop the nose bleeding withВ lemon juice. Add a little bit of lemon juice on a cotton ball and place it in the nostril. You can alsoВ add lemon juice in your drinks as well.


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