Most People Don’t Know What You’re Supposed To Do With Each Type of Onion. Do You?

There can be found different types of onions on the market. Hence, when we want to buy an onion we face a challenging decision. Each type of onion has a different purpose. Therefore, we decided to discuss the three main types of onions, yellow, white, and red.

Yellow Onions

The yellow onions are considered to be all-purpose onions. They are especially used in cooking because they add delicious flavor to meat, soups, and stews. The yellow onions have a yellow-brown papery skin on the outside and a white flesh. This kind of onions became sweeter when cooked. Moreover, they have higher sulfur content, which causes the eyes to water. Hence, the yellow onions are harder to be eaten raw, mainly due to the high sulfur content and the pungent flavor and smell.

White Onions

This kind of onions can be recognized for their all-white skin. Their taste is slightly milder than that of the yellow onion. Hence, their flavor isn’t so strong and they are usually used in Mexican cuisines. The white onions can be cooked just like yellow onions, but also minced and added to raw salsas and chutneys.

Red Onions

This kind of onion is usually used in non-cooked dishes. Hence, you can usually see them as part of salads and sandwiches. The red onions are known for the mild and sweet taste. The red color usually gets washed out during cooking. Therefore, they aren’t usually used in cooking because they do not produce enough onion flavor to enhance a meal.

How to Pick a Good Onion

When choosing an onion, there are several aspects you should consider. Thus, pick an onion which is firm, has a crackly outer skin, and a mild scent. Do not buy onions with dark spots or mold. When bought, keep them in a slightly cooler, darker area. Avoid storing onions in the fridge because the smell will spoil.

Now, when you know which onion to pick, you should consume them on a regular basis. The onions are packed with some amazing В and they should be part of your daily diet.

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