If You Have One of These 6 Conditions, You Should Stop Consuming Garlic Immediately! It is Very Dangerous!

Garlic is one of the healthiest known vegetables with an amazing flavor. It is often used as a medicine for prevention and treatment of many diseases and health conditions.

If You Have One of These 6 Conditions You Should Stop Consuming Garlic Immediately It is Very Dangerous

Despite the excellent health benefits, there are some types of people who shouldn’t consume garlic, because it may lead to more problems and complications:

People with eye diseases

People with eye problems should avoid garlic, because it can worsen the function of liver and eyes. Garlic can cause hypopsia, tinnitus, memory loss, etc.

People with low blood pressure

Garlic has ability to lower the blood pressure. If you suffer from low blood pressure you shouldn’t consume it, because it can make your blood pressure too low.

People with liver problems

Due to it’s antibacterial and antiviral properties, many people believe that eating garlic can prevent hepatitis. The true is that garlic can’t be eaten if you already have hepatitis virus.

This vegetable will stimulate the stomach and intestines, so it might hold back the secretion of digestive juice. This will affect the food digestion.

Too much garlic can also lead to anemia, because it can decrease red blood cells and hemoglobin.

People suffering from non-bacterial diarrhea

Consuming raw garlic from patient with diarrhea can worsen their situation, because the spicy flavor of raw garlic may cause mucosal hyperemia and edema aggravation. People with diarrhea should be very careful how much garlic they consume.

Patients before surgery

People who takes anticoagulant medications should avoid garlic consumption, because it is natural anticoagulant and can accelerate the blood. It is suggested not to consume garlic at least two weeks before you have any kind of surgery, because it can extend the bleeding.

Pregnant women and women breastfeeding

Garlic is safe to eat during pregnancy in normal amount. It can only be a problem in medicinal and therapeutic amounts.

Source: nutritionfoodrecipes.com

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