Nutritional Value of Apricot

ApricotВ isВ beautiful orange colored fruits which is full of beta-carotene and fiber that are one of the first signs of summer.

Apricot Nutrition Facts

Apricots are relatives to peaches, withВ velvety skin and flesh, not too juicy but definitely smooth and sweet.

TheВ kernel of the fruitВ have cancer-fighting nutrients.

Nutritional Facts of Apricots

Apricots are rich sources of potassium, manganese, and copper. Iron, magnesium, and phosphorus are also present in small amounts. Traces of calcium and zinc are also found in the fruit.

TheyВ are rich in many plant antioxidants. Some of these are the vitamin antioxidants so familiar to regular users of this site. Others are more difficult to obtain from other foods, and may be responsible for specific health benefits. Overall, consider the apricot to be a great food that provides you with the protective effects of antioxidants while adding very few calories to your daily total.

Apricots hasВ plentiful supply of vitamin A and vitamin C. TheyВ also enriched with vitamin E, vitamin K,В niacin and vitamin B6. Thiamin, riboflavin, folate, and pantothenic acid are present in small quantities.

Apricot, fresh
1.00 whole
(35.00 grams)
vitamin C5%
vitamin A4%

Apricots are rich in many nutrients and fiber, but has a calorie count of only 48.0 per 100 gm.

Health Benefits of Apricots

Apricots are a great source of vitamin A.В This vitaminВ is important for normal vision, proper function of the immune system, reproduction and maintaining of healthy skin, teeth, skeletal and soft tissue.

This fruitВ provide a significant source of potassium, whichВ helps you maintain proper fluid balance, aids in muscle function, and helps regulate heartbeat. Potassium also promotes healthy digestion and strong bones.

Apricots contain significant amounts of both insoluble and soluble fiber, but are especially high in soluble fiber, which promotes and helps maintain healthy blood glucose and cholesterol levels.


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