Do Not Throw Away These Bags! When You See What They Can Do, You’ll Keep Them Like Gold!

When you buy new shoes, you have probably noticed a bag filled with silicon dioxide or silica, inside the shoe box. Most of usВ find these silica bags useless andВ annoying. But, the true is that theseВ bags are much more useful than you might think!

Do Not Throw Silica Bags When You See What They Can Do You will Keep Them Like Gold

In addition, we are going to show you how you can use theseВ white or yellow granules in your house.

1. Put them in your wardrobe

You can prevent yourВ wardrobe fromВ spreading of moisture andВ unpleasant smell.

2. Prolong the shelf-life of your makeup

Keep your makeup longer by preventing it fromВ moisture. All you need to do is to placeВ few of these bags in your makeup case.

3. Restore your water-damagedВ phone

Can you believe that silicon dioxide canВ restore your water damaged phone? Yes, it sounds incredible, but it can! All you need to do is toВ put the phone among four to five silica gel bags. They willВ absorb the moisture and your phone will be dried.

4. Preserve your old photos

It’s obvious that the old photosВ won’t last long. TheyВ would fade and become damaged. But, if you add someВ silica bagsВ to your old photos, you will prevent them fromВ further fading and damage.

5. Keep your workout gear dry

You canВ prevent bacteria proliferation in yourВ workout gear. Just put someВ silica bags into your training bag and they willВ absorb the moisture. The bags will also help you to get rid of the bad odor.


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