Do Not Kill This Bug With Bare Hands, You Will Be Infected In Few Minutes – Don’t Panic It’s a Hoax!

On internet and social media spreads a warning message ofВ a “new killer insect” whichВ is deadly for humans if they kill or touch itВ with a bare hands. They describes how this killer insect has invaded America and just touching it causes acid like burns on human skin and can lead to death within days.В This informationВ has gone viral online, but don’t panic, it’s a hoax!

This viral hoax started at January 2016 which was accompanied by alarming images, the stuff of a hypochondriac’s nightmares.

The photos of the bug are completely real, but the story of the virus is not. The images of infected body parts are made up!

TheВ guys from the famous YouTube channel “Hoax Factor” made a detailed analysis of this story. Here is what they found:

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