New Research Says Semen May Actually Treat Depression In Women

Did you know that research recently recognized that the semen can help treat depression in women? To be specific, the way the female body absorbs the semen in the first place is what counts. Actually, a professor at the University of Albany, alongside his team, did the study in question, proving that semen can suppress depression symptoms in females.

The study itself involved around 300 female students. During the study, each female was asked about their sexual lives and its frequency on weekly basis. Among other questions on the survey was also whether the female students’ partners used a condom during intercourse. For the purpose of the study, the participants also did the Beck Depression Inventory. Also known as BDI, this form contains 21 questions on depression, in order to estimate any symptoms.

During the study, the symptoms the researchers were looking for included:

  • Mood swings and grumpiness.
  • Negative perception of the environment.
  • Feeling guilty for no good reason.
  • Self-resentment and low self-esteem.
  • Isolation from society and living in solitude.
  • Inability to perform at an acceptable level.

All answers had three degree of the symptoms, with one being the least symptom manifestation and three being a high manifestation of the symptom.

Once the scores were combines (a total of 63), the higher the result was, the greater the depression was as well. The one question that drew the team’s attention was the one on using condoms during intercourse. As a matter of fact, women who never used condoms, had lower levels of depression, unlike those who used condoms regularly.

According to the team of researchers, there is a valid reason for this. As they explain, the female body tends to absorb the male’s fluids produced during intercourse.These fluids are believed to help fix the mood swings and stress levels in women. So, when their partner uses condoms, women are unable to get that same effect and become more depressed in return.

The study has not been officially taken as definite, but the team is certain that there is more to research on the topic. Ultimately, their conclusion was that semen directly affects how a woman feels and sees herself.

As for participants in the study, they remained keen on not using condoms as much as before.

Finally, if condoms are not in the picture, women have to be aware and mindful of pregnancy risks and possible sexually transmitted diseases.

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