Natural Liver Cleansing Method: Detox Your Liver With Raisins and Water in 2 Days!

The liver plays one of theВ vital functions in our body. It is responsible toВ cleans the body from toxins, and synthesizes proteins.

Natural Liver Cleansing Method Detox Your Liver With Raisins and Water in 2 Days

Liver can be easily damaged, due to toxinВ accumulation. ItВ suffer from many diseases,В such as hepatitis,В cirrhosis, and a condition called fatty liver.

We are going to show you a natural remedy which can help you toВ restore and repair the condition of your liver.


  • one cup of raisins
  • threeВ cups of water


Put theВ raisins in the water and boil it for several minutes.В Let the raisins stay in the water for 24 hours.

Then strain the mixture and drink it. Your liver will be detoxified and it will function better.


You need to drink the beverage every day, for at least oneВ week. You are not allowed to drink alcohol during the treatment.


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